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Watch: How to Make the Lemon Pepper Wet Wings From FX’s ‘Atlanta’

‘The lemon pepper joints, but these got the sauce on ‘em’

Season 1 of Atlanta, the Emmy-nominated show created by actor-rapper-writer and former Stone Mountain resident Donald Glover, brought a new level of awareness to “lemon pepper wet.” The scene: Paper Boi and Darius are waiting on a to-go order at a quiet J.R. Crickets restaurant. Their server returns with an Styrofoam box full of chicken wings and informs the two they’ve been hooked up by the kitchen. The wings have lemon pepper seasoning and Buffalo sauce. Lemon pepper wet? Lemon pepper wet.

These wings can be found locally at J.R. Crickets, and another version is available at American Deli, but for those who might want to make them at home, YouTube chef Andrew Rea is here to help. Rea demonstrates famous — and, sometimes, infamous —recipes from movies and television shows on his channel, Binging With Babish. His latest video tackles this notable dish from Atlanta.

Rea makes his own lemon pepper seasoning, but he finds that it doesn’t make a difference in the final product, so there’s no shame in going with a store-bought variety. As for the “wet,” homemade Buffalo sauce pays homage to J.R. Crickets, and clarified butter represents American Deli style. Really, there’s no wrong answer.

Watch the episode above for a complete master class in lemon pepper wet.

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