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Critic Says Bacchanalia Still Impresses at Its New Home

And, Petit Chou garners praise for its breakfast

A view of Bacchanalia from the restaurant’s bar.
Ryan Fleisher/Eater Atlanta

Atlanta Journal-Constitution food editor Ligaya Figueras reviews fine-dining staple Bacchanalia, which recently relocated to a new home in Westside. Figueras finds that in a new location, and with a new executive chef, Anne Quatrano’s restaurant is still worth an “excellent” rating of three out of four stars.

Bacchanalia remains a benchmark for farm-to-table dining, top-tier sourcing, a highly orchestrated chef’s tasting menu, bread service (round after round of onion-potato rye rolls, sourdough, baguette and pretzel, and a wonderfully, just-so-sweet Hawaiian roll if you order the foie gras terrine starter) to temp carb curbers and a wine program that deftly pairs food and drink for any plate, any course. It also takes dietary restrictions seriously. And considering all the food that comes your way, it’s easy to take for granted how remarkably Bacchanalia’s kitchen hits a mark on portions and how adroitly the floor staff establishes a rhythm of service.

The AJC’s Wendell Brock assesses Petit Chou, a recent addition to the Cabbagetown breakfast and lunch scene. It isn’t a starred review, but Brock says the restaurant is a nice marriage of French and Southern.

At Petit Chou, color is life. Edible flowers and immaculate salads are de rigueur. House-made sodas are bright and sparkling. The chef, manager and servers have cotton-candy-colored hair. ... In a city where gut-busting breakfasts are the norm, it’s refreshing to find a restaurant where animal and vegetable get virtually equal billing. Diana Presson Eller (who cooked under the late Ria Pell at Sauced and Shaun Doty at the late Shaun’s) is the executive chef. Her food is clean, fresh, clever, often delicious.

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Petit Chou

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