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Iconic Buford Highway Chinese Restaurant Chef Liu Temporarily Closes

A stop work order is taped to the door of the longtime Doraville Chinese restaurant in Pinetree Plaza

Chef Liu is permanently closed at Pinetree Plaza in Doraville
Chef Liu at Pinetree Plaza in Doraville
Beth McKibben
Beth McKibben is the editor and staff reporter for Eater Atlanta and has been covering food and cocktails locally and regionally for over 12 years.

Doraville Chinese restaurant Chef Liu, known for its soup dumplings and noodle dishes, is temporarily closed. Eater Atlanta received a reader tip over the weekend that the iconic Buford Highway restaurant located in Pinetree Plaza had closed. A stop work order is adhered to its front door.

The permit, dated March 18, 2018, stated the restaurant was in violation of City of Doraville code 5 - 1 (a) or non-permitted construction work. Also taped to the door were an electrical work permit from City of Doraville dated January 24, 2018 and a typed sign from Chef Liu alerting patrons to the closure due to renovations. The restaurant claimed it would be back in operation soon. That sign is dated March 1, 2018; prior to the stop work order from the city.

The restaurant was still in the dark as of late Sunday afternoon and the phone is currently out of order. During a January visit to the restaurant (four days prior to the issuing of the electrical work permit,) Eater Atlanta observed the lights were off in the dining room and the restaurant seemed to be without heat.

Beth McKibben

Chef Liu moved to its present location in Pinetree Plaza about five years ago from what is now the freestanding Little Caesar’s spot in the shopping center. Pinetree Plaza is also home to LanZhou Ramen, Supermarket Chicago, Bo Bo Garden, and Dim Sum Heaven.

Attempts to reach Chef Liu have been unsuccessful. Eater Atlanta will continue trying to ascertain when the restaurant plans to reopen.

5283 Buford Highway NE, Doraville.