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Chef Tyler Williams Is Out at Sean Brock’s Husk Savannah [Updated]

Williams explains departure which was due to “creative and operational differences” with the restaurant

Tyler Williams.
Chef Tyler Williams
Hillary Duke
Beth McKibben is the editor and staff reporter for Eater Atlanta and has been covering food and cocktails locally and regionally for 12 years.

Former Atlanta chef Tyler Williams (Tap, Woodfire Grill) is out as the chef de cuisine at Sean Brock’s latest Husk outpost in Savannah, Eater Atlanta has learned. Chef Andrew McLeod will act as the interim chef de cuisine. McLeod has worked as sous chef for Husk Nashville and most recently spent time in the kitchens of Husk Greenville and Savannah.

Kenny Lyons, director of hospitality and performance for the Neighborhood Dining Group which manages Brock’s various restaurants, provided the following statement, “Husk Savannah and The Neighborhood Dining Group have parted ways with Tyler Williams due to operational differences. We wish Tyler Williams the best in his future endeavors and we look forward to continuing to serve ingredient-driven cuisine to our guests.”

Williams worked closely with Brock for several months researching ingredients and developing dishes for the menu prior to Husk’s Savannah opening. In an interview with Eater Atlanta back in January, Brock praised Williams saying his “...passion for research, products, trying to be a better cook—it’s like he’d been working for me for 10 years.”

Williams lead the kitchen at the now defunct Woodfire Grill in Piedmont Heights and worked briefly as the executive chef at Lake Burton pizzeria By Hand in north Georgia. Before his move to Savannah, Williams was the executive chef at Tap in Midtown owned by Concentrics Restaurants.

Eater Atlanta reached out to Williams on Monday afternoon for comment. The chef provided the following statement regarding his departure:

“I was the first chef from outside the parent company [Neighborhood Dining Group] to be tasked with running a Husk model. I approached the position with an initial ideal of fluid creation from locally sourced ingredients in order to represent a micro cuisine indicative of Savannah’s particular space and place. This proved to be a difficult balance with the group’s expansion. The standardization of company processes, structure, and the large size of the Savannah store proved counterintuitive to these initial ideals.”

Williams continued,

“Ultimately my creative skill set was not what the restaurant needed to best succeed. Husk is a great addition to the up-and-coming Savannah culinary scene. I enjoyed working with the group’s management team, and look forward to continuing my amazing relationships and network of sourcing for years to come in the Savannah area.”

Update: April 3, 2018
This story has been updated with a statement provided by former Husk Savannah chef Tyler Williams.

Update: April 2, 2018
The original story has been updated with additional information regarding Husk Savannah’s interim chef de cuisine.

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