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Little Spirit Opens in Inman Quarter Next Week

Little Spirit in Inman Quarter coming soon to Inman Quarter Art by Erica Arndts

Little Spirit, the Inman Park bar replacing the space previously held by Amer, is slated to open next week.

Crescent Roots Hospitality business partners Cindy Wong and Randy Pechin’s cocktail bar will stay open late and hold a late-night happy hour, catering to area residents and the service industry. The space is adorned with commissioned pieces by local artist Erica Arndts that depict musicians like The Notorious B.I.G., David Bowie, and Tupac as Renaissance-era patron saints who inspire the bar. However, Wong plans to keep elements of Amer’s spirit intact.

Little Spirit’s cocktail menus will rotate biannually, in spring and fall, to focus on seasonal drinks. There’s also a fair share of classics, both untouched and updated. As far as food goes, Little Spirit is collaborating with Pigman Goods for a weeks-long resident pop-up. The official menu, which is loaded with tapas and small plates, hasn’t been released yet.

Take a look at Little Spirit’s Berry Me and La Bandita cocktails below.

Berry Me
Berry Me
Little Spirit
La Bandita
Little Spirit


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