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Iconic Restaurant Cakes & Ale Announces Closure

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Its last date of service is June 9

The Cafe at Cakes & Ale Official

Decatur staple and Atlanta essential Cakes & Ale will cease operation after this week. Plans to fill the space with a new restaurant are already in motion. The restaurant will hold its last night of service on Saturday, June 9.

The remaining restaurants from the ownership group, Proof and Bread & Butterfly, will remain open. Owners Billy and Kristin Allin announced their plans going forward in their restaurant’s newsletter:

“We opened Cakes & Ale over 10 years ago and are very proud of what we built and accomplished. It has been with great pleasure that we have been able to serve our friends and guests, but have decided that we need to take a break and start a new chapter in our lives including spending some much needed time together as a family and focusing our attentions on Proof Bakeshop and Bread & Butterfly.

“A big thanks to the many who helped and worked with us. We are indebted to you all and honored to have been your co-workers. Much love and gratitude to our guests for letting us feed and nourish you for so many years.”

Eater will update this story with further details.

Bread & Butterfly

290 Elizabeth Street Northeast, , GA 30307 (678) 515-4536 Visit Website

Proof Bakeshop

100 Hurt Street Northeast, , GA 30307 (678) 705-3905 Visit Website