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Buford Highway Dumpling Staple Chef Liu Is Closed for Good

It is being replaced by Hot Melody Chinese Restaurant

Chef Liu is permanently closed at Pinetree Plaza in Doraville
Chef Liu at Pinetree Plaza in Doraville
Beth McKibben
Beth McKibben is the editor and staff reporter for Eater Atlanta and has been covering food and cocktails locally and regionally for 12 years.

It’s official. The much-loved Doraville Chinese restaurant Chef Liu, known for its soup dumplings and noodles, is closed for good. The restaurant is being replaced by Hot Melody Chinese, according to a photo posted to Twitter by non-profit organization WeLoveBuHi. The new restaurant does not seem to be open yet.

Eater Atlanta reported in March that Chef Liu had closed temporarily in Pinetree Plaza. A stop work order was adhered to the front door by the City of Doraville for being in violation of code 5 - 1 (a) or non-permitted construction work. In a typed note also taped to the door, Chef Liu assured its patrons the restaurant was only closed for renovations and would be back soon. Attempts to reach the owners were unsuccessful and the restaurant’s phone was out of order a week after the closure was reported.

Chef Liu moved to this location in Pinetree Plaza five years ago from what is now the freestanding Little Caesar’s in the same shopping center. Some say the food was never the same once the restaurant made the move to the new location and Chef Liu herself left the kitchen. Still, the longtime, Buford Highway dumpling staple will be missed.

Eater Atlanta is working to gather more information on Hot Melody Chinese.

5283 Buford Highway NE, Doraville.