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Longtime French Bistro in Historic Roswell Closes on Canton Street

Pastis suddenly closes after 20 years in historic downtown Roswell

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Beth McKibben is the editor and staff reporter for Eater Atlanta and has been covering food and cocktails locally and regionally for over 12 years.

Roswell French bistro Pastis, home to bottomless wine on Tuesdays and weekend jazz, closed after 20 years on Canton Street during the first week of January. A sign on the door reads, “Closed for renovations,” but a handful of reader tips and a musician who plays regularly at the restaurant on Friday evenings say the closure is permanent. Calls to the restaurant, usually open for lunch, go to voicemail.

A source with close ties to the restaurant owned by Carla Dent, says the landlord wants to divide the building into two “rentable spaces” in order to raise the rent. Rumors are also circulating within the Roswell real estate community that Gate City Brewing, located behind Pastis, may be looking to take over a portion of the restaurant to expand the brewery’s event space with a Canton Street-facing taproom.

Pastis moved from what is now Mac McGee’s just two doors down to its current location at the corner of Canton and Magnolia Streets in 2009, nearly doubling in size and procuring a large parking lot. Parking is a hot commodity in downtown Roswell. Meating Street Barbecue closed in December on Alpharetta Street near the historic city center, specifically citing lack of parking, which they claim finally “drained” them over the summer.

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Local business and restaurant owners have been working to course correct Roswell’s parking issues with city officials, stating the lack of viable parking solutions or designated Lyft and Uber stations throughout the area harms business. A new mixed-use development with a 125-room boutique hotel is slated to be built behind Gate City Brewing and Pastis along Mimosa and Magnolia Streets. As part of the deal, 50 parking spaces must be designated for public use.

Eater Atlanta is working to gather further details.

928 Canton Street, Roswell.