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Pop-Up NFA Burger Finds a Permanent Location Inside a Dunwoody Chevron

The popular burger pop-up run by Billy Kramer opens in December at a Chevron on Chamblee Dunwoody Road

A double cheeseburger NFA Burger
Beth McKibben is the editor and staff reporter for Eater Atlanta and has been covering food and cocktails locally and regionally for 12 years.

Billy Kramer, the man behind the popular pop-ups NFA Burger and Billy’s Burgers, opens his first permanent location of NFA Burger soon inside a Chevron market on Chamblee Dunwoody Road. If all goes well with permitting, Kramer says he expects to open the Dunwoody Village burger counter by mid-December.

The menu should be similar to Kramer’s pop-ups and serve a range of burgers from classic double cheeseburgers to monstrous quadruple patty creations topped with bacon, American cheese, pickles, tomatoes, and onions. Kramer has also created sauces that often top his burgers, including the sweet and salty “sassy” sauce.

“Since my pop-up at Galla’s [pizza] in Chamblee ended almost a year ago, I’ve been looking for a permanent restaurant space,” Kramer says. “I’ve been close to deals in Midtown, Old 4th Ward, another place in Midtown as well as locations as far away as Buford [Georgia.]”

Kramer, who has lived in the Dunwoody area for over 20 years, says he finally decided on the location within the north metro Atlanta city in order to work closer to his family and to slow down after a “decade of extreme business travel.”

Why a Chevron? The answer is likely obvious to Southern natives, and to anyone who has lived in the South for more than a handful of years. Some of the best regional delights (i.e. fried chicken, biscuits, barbecue, tacos) can be found at the back counters inside gas stations and unassuming roadside markets throughout the South.

As for Kramer’s burger counter, he says the location is more “grab-and-go,” where people order at his register. Burgers are then cooked and prepared. The Chevron offers a small dining area inside the market and picnic table seating outside. However, Kramer believes the majority of his business will likely come from delivery services like UberEats or GrubHub.

NFA Burger owner Billy Kramer and Chevron owner Salim Thobani standing next to the NFA Burger poster board at the gas station
NFA Burger owner Billy Kramer and Chevron owner Salim Thobani
NFA Burger

Kramer began popping up with his burgers nearly three years ago at restaurants like Hampton and Hudson in Inman Park, Galla’s in Chamblee, Big Sky Buckhead, and the cafe at Old Fourth Ward cycling shop the Spindle. He quickly amassed a loyal band of regulars who enthusiastically follow his burgers at pop-ups around town.

5465 Chamblee Dunwoody Road, Dunwoody.

Hampton + Hudson

299 North Highland Avenue Northeast, , GA 30307 (404) 948-2123 Visit Website

The Spindle Kitchen

659 Auburn Avenue Northeast, , GA 30312 (404) 823-2046 Visit Website

Big Sky Buckead

3201 Cains Hill Pl NW, Atlanta, GA 30305 404 481 5168 Visit Website