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Buford Highway’s Food Terminal Opens This Summer in Westside

The often packed-house Malaysian restaurant is taking over The Local Pizzaiolo at the Brickworks on Marietta Street

Food Terminal
Beth McKibben is the editor and staff reporter for Eater Atlanta and has been covering food and cocktails locally and regionally for 12 years.

Food Terminal is opening a second, in-town location in the now shuttered The Local Pizziaolo on Marietta Street at the Brickworks in Westside, according to Tomorrow’s News Today. The Malaysian restaurant, owned by chef Amy Wong and Howard Ewe of Sweet Hut Bakery, opened their often packed-house Buford Highway location two years ago in the City Farmer’s Market complex in Chamblee. A representative for the restaurant tells Eater Atlanta, Food Terminal-Westside could open by May or June.

The restaurant leaves no stone unturned in terms of food offered on its magazine-like menu, comprising of over 120 Thai, Chinese, Singaporean, Indian, and Korean dishes. Food Terminal includes on its menu everything from chicken curry and spicy wontons to pad mee and garlic bone marrow soup, and specializes in noodles.

Given the considerable size and popularity of the Buford Highway location, it’s unclear if Wong and Ewe plan to expand the Westside restaurant into 5 Seasons Brewing next door. The brewpub is closing after a decade in the Brickworks at the end of February.

Eater Atlanta has reached out for more details and will update this story.

In November, the Local Pizzaiolo put the Westside and Toco Hill shopping center locations up for sale to “focus on growing another region of the Country.” The Neapolitan pizzeria is owned by Giulio Adriani.

Food Terminal

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