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Mammal Gallery Is Opening a Bar Inside This Iconic Blue Water Tower

The gallery will also inhabit a 6,100-square-foot chunk of The MET’s million-square-foot adjacent warehouse

Official rendering of The Met
Mammal Gallery [Official Photo]

Art and event space The Mammal Gallery announced this week they’ve signed on at Adair Park’s The MET — and plan to turn the iconic blue water tower standing guard over the property into a two-story coffee and cocktail bar.

The Mammal Gallery will inhabit the tower plus a 6,100-square-foot chunk of the million-square-foot adjacent warehouse build by Asa Candler in 1914. With Wrong Studios leading design and 8arm and INK’s Isabella Corwell heading upthe bar program, the bar will be one of only two bars in the world to exist in a water tower. The first two floors of the tower will convert to a coffee and cocktail bar while a lush, spacious patio will surround the base. Mammal Gallery’s bar will service the venue and be open for regular hours.

Mitch Cherry, an artist and previous tower tenant, is partnering with the gallery to help maintain environmentally sustainable bar and venue practices.

The warehouse will transform into a music and performing arts venue to offer a wide range of programming, and will also house a recording studio.

In spring 2018, a fire in a downtown building forced Mammal and a handful of other arts organizations downtown to shutter and relocate. A GoFundMe account has been set up to raise money for the permits and construction in preaeration for the reopening, anticipated in March of 2020.