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Deep Dish Pizza Giant Gino’s East Closes Five Months After Opening

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What happened?

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Gino’s East

Chicago deep dish chain Gino’s East Pizza opened in Poncey-Highland at the end of 2018, and now it seems that the restaurant has closed. An Eater Atlanta tipster says they saw multiple moving trucks outside the 675 North Highland Avenue address. According to the tip, a team moved out restaurant equipment and signs were coming down.

Gino’s barely made it five months in Atlanta.

Eater Atlanta reached out to Gino’s East Pizza for more details, but the phone goes straight to a generic automated voicemail message.

Google lists the restaurant as “Permanently Closed.” The Gino’s East Pizza Facebook page is gone. Yelp, which listed Gino’s open earlier today, now lists the establishment closed and a commenter remarks that a prominent manager was recently fired from the pizzeria. The Atlanta restaurant is also noticeably absent from the list of Gino’s locations on its website.

The original Gino’s East opened in Chicago in 1966 offering the city’s signature deep dish pizza. Gino’s has locations throughout metro Chicago and in Wisconsin, Texas, Arizona, and Mexico City.

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