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Decatur Mexican Pan Dulce Bakery La Calavera Relocates to Kirkwood in August

The popular Mexican pan dulce and bread bakery on East College Avenue moves to Memorial Drive next month

A selection of breads on a tray La Calavera Bakery
Beth McKibben is the editor and staff reporter for Eater Atlanta and has been covering food and cocktails locally and regionally for over 12 years.

Decatur-based Mexican pan dulce bakery La Calavera announced on Facebook and Instagram it’s relocating to the Kirkwood neighborhood on Memorial Drive in August. The new shop is just a block from burger joint Ann’s Snack Bar and Wyatt’s Country BBQ.

“Our current location [on East College Avenue] is not ideal for attracting customers. Foot traffic has always been low to none at our current location,” co-owner Dale Ralston tells Eater Atlanta of the decision to relocate after over five years there. “Our new location is closer to the neighborhoods where we offer our breads at farmers markets and where we have developed a solid customer base (the Morningside and Grant Park Farmers Markets).”

The bakery, known for sweet breads like concha, marranitos (pig-shaped ginger cookies), and sprouted and super sourdough breads, expects some overlap between the Decatur and Kirkwood shops through September. After September, the Memorial Drive shop becomes the bakery’s sole location.

Ralston and baker and co-owner Eric Arillo say the Kirkwood bakery will be similar to the Decatur location. However, the couple plan to eventually offer more prepared foods and add a cold pastry case and outdoor seating in Kirkwood. La Calavera’s Mexican molletes Sunday breakfasts will also continue at the new shop.

Customers grab a silver tray upon entering the bakery, place their selected pastries and breads on the tray, and pay at the counter. In addition to selling baked goods, pan dulce treats, empanadas, and breads, La Calavera also offers coffee and limited seating inside.

“We hope that the people who visit us at weekend markets so faithfully will now find it more convenient to come see us at the bakery during the week,” Ralston says. “We also hope that our current bakery regulars will find the new spot close enough to continue visiting us there. It’s only four miles away, and easy to get to.”

1696 Memorial Drive SE, Atlanta.

Ann's Snack Bar

1615 Memorial Drive Southeast, , GA 30317 (404) 687-9207