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Hop City Beer and Wine Begins Home Delivery From Krog Street and West End Shops

Early adopters of the new alcohol home delivery law in Georgia include Hop City Craft Beer and Wine and Perrine’s Wine Shop at Westside Provisions District

A hand with a tattooed arm holding two cans of Creature Comfort “The Silent World” black lager in front of the black painted wall with the white Krog Street Market logo on it Hop City Craft Beer and Wine
Beth McKibben is the editor and staff reporter for Eater Atlanta and has been covering food and cocktails locally and regionally for over 12 years.

Home delivery of wine, beer, and liquor has begun from some shops and stores around Atlanta. Early adopters of the new alcohol home delivery law in Georgia include Hop City Craft Beer and Wine and Perrine’s Wine Shop at Westside Provisions District.

Gov. Brian Kemp signed HB879 into law over the summer, which permits beer, wine, and liquor to be delivered directly to people’s homes from restaurants, brewpubs, bars, convenience stores, some package and retail shops, and grocery stores. However, the law excludes delivery from Georgia’s breweries and distilleries, as well as the delivery of cocktails and mixed drinks, unless packaged in the original sealed can or bottle from the manufacturer.

The decision to allow alcohol home delivery is left up to local municipalities across the state, much like the decisions to permit Sunday alcohol sales and for restaurants and bars to begin serving booze at 11 a.m. on Sundays. Home deliveries can only be accepted by someone 21 years or older and with proper ID.

Before the bill could be enacted, the state’s Department of Revenue needed to first draw up compliance regulations for businesses to follow. It appears those regulations have now been finalized, including specific training and certification for delivery drivers and limiting deliveries to within the city or municipality in which a business obtains its alcohol or retail license.

“I think this is a huge win for the consumer. We live in an instant-gratification world and we are excited our elected officials in Georgia are allowing us to get the best and freshest beer and wine in the market to our guests straight to their doorsteps,” Hop City owner Kraig Torres says. “It allows us to stay competitive in this pandemic marketplace, where our customers may not feel comfortable shopping in person. I really don’t see this as any sort of huge boost to our bottom line, as much as it helps our small business stay relevant.”

Delivery from Hop City’s Krog Street Market and West End locations kicks off today to city of Atlanta residents. People can order online for same-day delivery via Zifty. Hop City charges an $8 fee for deliveries within three miles and $10 for deliveries three to five miles from either the Krog Street or West End shops. Delivery is free for orders over $100.

Perrine’s Wine Shop owner Perrine Prieur tells Eater she plans to personally deliver wine to customers in Atlanta, but expects to eventually begin using a third party service in the future, as deliveries ramp up over the coming months.

“I’m very excited about being able to deliver. I think it will help our small boutique wine shops to reach out to more customers,” Prieur says. “It’s a lot more moving parts, and I will most likely need to hire a driver. In the meantime, I will do them.”

Perrine’s Wine Shop offers online ordering for both curbside pick-up and delivery within the city of Atlanta. The shop charges a $15 fee for deliveries within 48 hours or a $25 fee for deliveries within two hours of ordering. Delivery is free for orders over $500.

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