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Banshee Offers Comfort Food Via a ‘Drive-Thru’ Service in East Atlanta Village

Order grilled cheese and tomato soup, dumplings, and fry bread with pepperoni butter, then pull-up for curbside service

Banshee in East Atlanta Village
Banshee in East Atlanta Village
Ryan Fleisher

Concerns over COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, has lead to Atlanta restaurants getting creative with how they serve diners, while also instituting extra disinfecting and social distancing precautions in the dining room and kitchen. Some restaurants have begun temporarily offering curbside pick-up and online ordering and delivery service.

On Wednesday, March 18, Banshee on Glenwood Avenue in East Atlanta Village begins offering a temporary “drive-thru” service.

So far, chef Nolan Wynn claims business at Banshee has been normal, reservations are being made and kept, and the restaurant is buzzing despite COVID-19 concerns. However, he says they need to be ready with a plan if things change. Wynn and his team played around with different ideas to adapt dinner service, while also providing an alternative for people who want to eat at Banshee but do not feel comfortable dining out.

“We thought about delivering through Uber Eats, but this [drive-thru service] is something more personal to the community, to let them know we are willing to bring their food out to their car,” says Wynn.

The drive-thru menu consists of mostly off-menu items Wynn describes as “comfort food.” Highlights include: chicken noodle soup, a sourdough and fontina grilled cheese paired with tomato soup, ricotta agnolotti, and a vegan General Tso’s cauliflower. There’s even a non-alcoholic hot toddy, comprising of aromatic warm tea, ginger, lemon, and honey

“It’s the little things that people want to feel better,” he says.

For now, Wynn says he’s taking the drive-thru service day by day. It likely won’t stay open forever, but the chef isn’t writing it off if it suddenly becomes a hit. “Right now, we’re just trying to adjust to what people’s needs are.”

To order for pick-up via the drive-thru, call the restaurant at 470-428-2034 and order from the menu below. The restaurant will ask for a phone number, as well as the make and model of the car to match up with the order. Park beside the restaurant on Gresham Avenue. Upon arrival, food is brought to the car, and payment is made at that time. For those who live within walking distance, ask the host for the drive-thru menu to order food to-go.

Take a look at the menu:

Banshee drive thru menu

In other Banshee news, the restaurant recently opened its new covered patio and bar out back. The patio doubles as a private events space and includes garage doors that open to the outside, 15 bar seats, and seating for 18 at tables.

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