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The Abby Singer Brings the Minneapolis Cheese-Stuffed Burger ‘Juicy Lucy’ to Kirkwood

The Abby Singer Pub opens this summer at Pratt Pullman in Kirkwood, featuring the famed Minneapolis cheese-stuffed burger the “Juicy Lucy”

A jucy lucy burger cut in half with cheddar cheese baked into the meat
Minneapolis bars are known for serving the “Juicy Lucy” cheeseburger
Beth McKibben is the editor and staff reporter for Eater Atlanta and has been covering food and cocktails locally and regionally for 12 years.

Gastropub the Abby Singer opens on Rogers Street at the forthcoming Pratt Pullman District in Kirkwood this summer, Atlanta Business Chronicle reports. The name refers to the second-to-last shot of the day during on-location filming, and is a nod to the late film production manager Abby Singer. Owner Mike Horn worked in film and television prior to his career in restaurants.

The former Minneapolis resident’s new Kirkwood pub apparently includes a take on the Minnesota city’s famed “Juicy Lucy” cheeseburger on the menu. The bar burger features two patties stuffed with hot melted cheese.

The Abby Singer joins Bellsmouth Cafe and 3 Heart Coffee Roastery on Rogers Street. The all-day cafe and coffee shop, owned by chef Nhan Le and Skip Englebrecht of 8ARM and artist George Long, will serve “new American cuisine” during breakfast and lunch, along with soups and sandwiches throughout the day. 3 Heart’s coffee counter doubles as a beer and wine bar.

The gutted building behind chainlink fence where the Abby Singer pub will reside at Pratt Pullman in Kirkwood, Atlanta The Abby Singer

Billed as a “creative city” by owners Adam Rosenfelt and Maureen Meulen, the 27-acre Pratt Pullman District comprises of several film and television sound stages and production facilities. A green space, parks, and pedestrian access to the development are also in the works.

As of now, Bellsmouth, 3 Heart, and the Abby Singer are the only restaurants slated to open at Pratt Pullman. More restaurants are expected to be announced soon as construction begins this week at the complex, Rosenfelt tells Eater Atlanta.

Last June, Rosenfelt told Eater sister site Curbed Atlanta the sound stages will take up “less than 10 percent of the project—perhaps 20 percent during the first phase.” Rosenfelt and Meulen also own film production group Atomic Entertainment.

Eater Atlanta reached out to Horn for more details on the Abby Singer.

Rendering of Pratt Pullman District at night with two searchlights and the Atlanta skyline in the background
Rendering of Pratt Pullman District
Atomic Entertainment LLC

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