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Welcome to the Ask Eater Atlanta Dining Advice Column

Eater answers everything from where to find the best versions of a particular dish to where chefs are eating around Atlanta these days, and even tipping advice

Three thick slice of tender roast beef topped with horseradish sauce sandwiched between a slice roasted onion brioche bun from Whoopsie’s cocktail lounge in Atlanta.
Roast beef sandwich topped with horseradish sauce on a roasted onion brioche bun from Whoopsie’s.
Matt Wong

Welcome to Ask Eater, a dining advice column from Eater Atlanta in which the editor, Beth McKibben, and the site’s regular contributors answer questions from readers.

Most of the questions Eater regularly receives center around where to find a specific dish at Atlanta restaurants, asking for neighborhood-specific restaurant recommendations, where to dine as a group, and the best options for a particular type of cuisine, which we often transform into a mini guide. Sometimes people want to know where the chefs eat in Atlanta, and we hook readers up with a map, or where a favorite chef shops for restaurant ingredients. Even asking to understand more about local or state policies on bars, restaurants, and booze isn’t off limits for Ask Eater.

In other words, no question is too simple, complex, silly, or odd.

Got a question for eater? Send questions to and Eater’s editor and contributors will do their best to answer one or more questions each month. Answers to questions could be as straightforward as delving into the details and providing guidance to full-blown guides, maps, and mini features. The names of the people who write in with questions for Ask Eater remain anonymous when the answer is published.