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Johnny’s Hideaway Reopens for Dine-in Service, But the Dance Floor Is Closed

The nightclub institution in Buckhead may be known more for its infamous cougars and dancing, but Johnny’s Hideaway also serves food

The bar at Johnny’s Hideaway in Buckhead
The bar at Johnny’s Hideaway in Buckhead
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Beth McKibben is the editor and staff reporter for Eater Atlanta and has been covering food and cocktails locally and regionally for 12 years.

Johnny’s Hideaway is back open in Buckhead, but for dine-in service only. While the iconic nightclub on Roswell Road may be known more for its infamous cougars and dancing into the wee hours, Johnny’s also serves lunch and dinner. The dance floor remains closed until further notice.

As for what’s on the menu at Johnny’s, food is decidedly bar-driven — think wings, tater tots, chicken tenders, and nachos, alongside cheesesteaks, patty melts, and grilled cheese sandwiches. People can dine in rooms dedicated to crooner Frank Sinatra and Rock and Roll legend Elvis, or at Johnny’s large, plush bar.

Owner Chris D’auria chose to reopen the popular nightclub for dine-in service after receiving encouragement from his staff and longtime regulars. D’auria says he was able to retain his 34 employees during the month-long dining room shutdown with funding from the federal Payroll Protection Program (PPP).

“Our staff and regulars were the ones who encouraged me to reopen our doors. As a nightclub, it may surprise some that we are now only operating from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.,” D’auria tells Eater Atlanta, “but I wanted to give our staff a purpose again and see our regulars back at Johnny’s. With the guidelines set by the state, we felt comfortable to reopen safely.”

Georgia restaurants and other establishments that serve food are permitted to reopen for dine-in service if they meet a list of 39 state-mandated guidelines, including allowing only ten patrons per 500 square feet in dining rooms, waiting areas, and bar areas, continually screening staff for COVID-19 symptoms, spacing out seating, and staggering shifts.

Many Atlanta restaurant owners and chefs are choosing to keep their dining rooms closed for now, citing CDC recommendations, the health and safety of employees and patrons, and needing adequate time to put the governor’s new list of required guidelines into practice.

D’auria plans to manage the nightclub’s occupancy with a clicker, and says no more than 60 people will be allowed to dine inside Johnny’s at any given time, per Georgia’s new ten patrons per 500-square-feet rule.

“It’s been a challenging time for the hospitality industry. The safety of team members and guests is the top priority, and Johnny’s has implemented new safety protocols in the dining areas to adhere to every single guideline put in place by the state,” says D’auria. “We’re looking forward to this opportunity to get back to work.”

Johnny’s Hideaway opened in 1979 on Roswell Road in Buckhead and is one of Atlanta’s oldest nightclubs.

Currently open daily from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

3771 Roswell Road NE, Atlanta.

Stay home if sick. Check the Georgia Department of Public Health website for guidance and twice-daily updates on the latest number of reported COVID-19 cases.

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