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Ebrik Coffee Room Closes After Six Years in Downtown Atlanta

The coffee shop closes after six years due to financial hardships stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, but becomes a full-service roastery

Ebrik Coffee Room Ebrik Coffee Room
Beth McKibben is the editor and staff reporter for Eater Atlanta and has been covering food and cocktails locally and regionally for over 12 years.

Ebrik Coffee Room closes after six years in downtown Atlanta due to financial hardships stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. Located just south of Woodruff Park, Ebrik was a popular spot for Georgia State University students and Atlanta’s gig workers and creative community to gather.

Abbas Arman, Basel Nassri, and Ruba Alhenaw tell Eater Atlanta they are exploring a “return to downtown” for Ebrik once they get a “sense of some economic stability” in the post-pandemic world.

In a video posted to Ebrik’s website, the partners and shop’s employees announced the opening of a full-service roastery and online retail operation in neighboring Castleberry Hill, starting with two new coffee blends the “Don’t Sleep on Ebrik” and “Bella Ciao: the Solidarity Blend”. One third of the profits from Bella Ciao go to a local charity listed on Ebrik’s website.

The partners say they are continuing to negotiate with the landlord on the Decatur shop, which opened in 2016 near Arepa Mia on East College Avenue. Ebrik’s location inside the Carlos Museum at Emory University should stay put.

Ebrik’s name derives from the Turkish word for coffee pot and was known for its Turkish coffee. The community-focused coffee shop featured a small reading library and often hosted open mic nights for local musicians and poets.

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Ebrik Coffee Room

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