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How to Send Anonymous Information Securely and Safely to Eater Atlanta

Do you know something Eater Atlanta should investigate? Here’s how to get in touch to provide information securely and safely

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Beth McKibben is the editor and staff reporter for Eater Atlanta and has been covering food and cocktails locally and regionally for 12 years.

Eater Atlanta often receives tips from readers. Day-to-day tips tend to involve the formation of new restaurants, restaurant closings, and even the odd lawsuit or where to find the best wings in town. On occasion, we receive tips from readers and members of the restaurant and bar industry regarding more serious allegations, ranging from accusations of wage theft to sexual harassment and assault. We work to substantiate and corroborate these claims or any documents provided to us before reporting allegations publicly, which includes getting credible sources on record and keeping their identities concealed if they choose to remain anonymous for a story.

How to get in touch with Eater Atlanta safely and securely


You can send secure tips using the app Signal, which encrypts text messages and voice calls. Files and photos can also be sent securely using Signal. Send a message to with the subject line “Eater Atlanta Signal request.” You will receive a reply with the number to call or text via Signal to provide your information safely and securely to Eater Atlanta’s editor, Beth McKibben.


While not encrypted, you can also send tips and documentation to our city-specific tipline at or to our editor at

Eater and its individual city sites are accustomed to discussing sensitive information and stories over the phone, so feel free to send an email asking for a phone call. We are committed to keeping our sources safe and secure who wish to remain anonymous in our reporting.