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A Passover Seder dinner is held annually at the General Muir in Emory Point, Atlanta.
A Passover dinner is held annually at the General Muir.
The General Muir

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These Atlanta Restaurants and Markets Are Here to Help Celebrate Passover

From restaurants offering Passover dinners to local Atlanta markets and butcher shops selling prepared meals, matzo ball soup, and whole briskets ready for braising

This year, Passover (Pesach) begins Friday, April 15, and ends Saturday, April 23. The eight-day holiday commemorates the events surrounding the exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt and their freedom from enslavement. Each spring, family and friends gather together to celebrate through shared stories, songs, and rituals known as the Passover Seder. The Seder also features many symbolic foods, like matzo, charoset (mixture of fruits and nuts), gefilte fish, brisket, and wine.

Restaurants, markets, catering companies, and bakeries across Atlanta are again geared up to help people celebrate Passover, including stocking shelves with necessary ingredients, butcher shops carrying brisket ready for braising, bakeries offering unleavened breads and sweets, and even feasts from local restaurants.

Where to eat (dinners and prepared foods and family meals)

Double Zero

The Emory Point restaurant is offering a Passover dinner feeding four people for pick up on Friday, April 15, and Saturday, April 16, to include short rib l’arrosto, roasted potatoes, roasted vegetables with carrots and cauliflower, and a lettuce salad with grilled radicchio and onion, strawberries, fontina, crispy capers, and honey-dijon vinaigrette. Order online.

The General Muir

Both the Emory Point and Sandy Springs locations are hosting an annual Passover dinner again this year. The General Muir offers the meal on location or as takeout for family feasts at home. Reservations are still available for Sandy Springs. The restaurant also offers catering, including deli and fruit platters, quarts matzo ball soup, and desserts.

Stop Think Chew/Daily Chew

Chef Julia Kesler Imerman is preparing a selection of dishes this year for Passover to pick up at her Liddell Drive cafe and market. Order one pound of braised brisket, local baby carrots with honey and coriander, thyme-roasted fingerling potatoes, and zaatar and sumac green beans.

Griller’s Pride

The Doraville kosher butcher shop and market is offering a selection of prepared dishes this year for Passover, including cola-braised brisket and brisket in light tomato sauce, chicken in apricot sauce, and vegetable bakes. The butcher shop is also offering several different cuts of American Angus beef brisket for sale. Order online.

Ma Pa’s Matzoh Ball Soup

Owner Marci Alt is selling quarts of matzo ball soup using her grandmother’s recipe, along with knishes and kugel for delivery. Follow on Facebook for details on ordering.

EB Catering and Ghost Kitchen

This full service catering operation always offers up its delicious sandwiches on Tuesdays, takeout meals throughout the week, and prepared meals for Shabbat. A special Passover meal is also available for pick up in Toco Hills and in Sandy Springs.

Kinship Butchery and Sundry

The Virginia-Highland butcher shop and bakery is offering whole briskets, points, and flats this year for Passover. Order online for pick up starting April 14.

Where to shop for last minute supplies

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The General Muir

1540 Avenue Place, , GA 30329 (678) 927-9131 Visit Website

Double Zero

1700 Lincoln Boulevard, , CA 90291 (424) 280-4672 Visit Website
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