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Eater’s ‘Ask a Local’ Column Is Seeking Decatur Restaurant Recommendations

We’re seeking restaurant recommendations from residents and restaurant members who live or work in Decatur

The Iberian Pig, in a low brick building with yellow neon signs; there are people dining at tables along a fall leave-covered sidewalk. Ryan Fleisher
Beth McKibben is the editor and staff reporter for Eater Atlanta and has been covering food and cocktails locally and regionally for 12 years.

Welcome to “Ask a Local”, dedicated to exploring various Atlanta neighborhoods through food with restaurant recommendations provided by the people who actually live and work there.

Atlanta’s dining scene is diverse, constantly evolving, and often dominated by the buzz surrounding newer restaurants. Locals know where the best food is found within their neighborhoods and the restaurants, chefs, and pop-ups to know forming the culinary foundations for these areas.

For each neighborhood covered, Eater chats with three local residents and/or people working at restaurants in a specific neighborhood about why they love the neighborhood, what makes the neighborhood special, and their favorite spots to dine there with dish recommendations. This includes local intel on bars, coffee shops, pop-ups, and markets with counter-service and to-go food.

For the next installment of Ask a Local, we’re seeking local restaurant and bar recommendations in Decatur.

If you’re interested in participating in Ask a Local and live or work at a restaurant in one of the above neighborhoods (and have strong opinions on why this neighborhood is a great place to dine,) please email Eater Atlanta editor Beth McKibben at for consideration by November 9. Make sure to brag about the restaurants you love and why. We’ll be back in touch to follow up.

Want to nominate a neighborhood in Atlanta or metro Atlanta for a future installment of the Ask a Local guide? Send an email to with details.