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Only in Atlanta: Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport Is Getting a Food Hall

Somehow a food hall will squeeze its way into the world’s busiest airport

Citizens Market
Beth McKibben is the editor and staff reporter for Eater Atlanta and has been covering food and cocktails locally and regionally for 12 years.

Food hall Citizens Go, a pared-down version of Citizens Market at Phipps Plaza, is opening at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on Concourse F (international terminal) between terminals F10 and F12. The food hall, which should open by early 2025, features a dining room seating 45 people and a 25-seat bar.

Only in Atlanta would the current food hall boom lead to such an establishment opening at Hartsfield, considered the world’s busiest airport.

Like the Phipps Plaza food hall, don’t expect any local restaurant stalls at Citizens Go. Instead, Citizens Go will offer restaurant stalls from known brands and chefs like Umami Burger, Sam’s Crispy Chicken, and El Pollo Verde by Michelin-star chef Dani Garcia. The Atlanta airport offers a good mix of local, regional, and national restaurants and chains on all of its concourses, including local restaurants such as Ecco, Paschal’s, Bantam and Biddy, Grindhouse Killer Burgers, and One Flew South.

At 3,000 square feet, even with a bar, calling Citizens Go a food hall at Hartsfield is a bit of a stretch, especially when some concourses feature centralized food courts with seating areas, as on concourses A and B. It appears Citizens Go, however, will open in a designated space within Concourse F, similar to restaurants like One Flew South and Ecco at the airport.

Ghost kitchen operator C3 partnered with travel hospitality company Areas in Citizens Go and plans to open several more locations of the food hall at other airports around the country. C3 is also behind locations of Citizens Market in Atlanta and New York City.

Terminal 7 site-map for Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International airport.
Terminal 7 site-map for Hartsfield-Jackson International.
Citizens Market

The Citizens plug-and-play food stall strategy may find better success at the Atlanta airport than at Phipps Plaza, where people have complained of overpriced food and lack of local options in the food hall. Billed as a “foodie’s playground” meant to “disrupt the food hall industry,” the 25,000-square-foot Citizens Market at Phipps Plaza features stalls like Umami Burger, Krispy Rice, Sam’s Crispy Chicken, El Pollo Verde, and Cicci Di Carne from chef Dario Cecchini.

Citizens Market is part of a major renovation project underway at Phipps Plaza which will eventually feature an outdoor plaza and events space, a 13-story office building, and new restaurants. Nobu Hotel and its celebrity-frequented eponymous Japanese-Peruvian restaurant opened earlier this year at the Phipps Plaza complex.

Opening 2025 on Concourse F (the international terminal).