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Feedel Bistro on Briarcliff and Tupelo Honey in Sandy Springs Close

Ethiopian restaurant Feedel Bistro and Tupelo Honey Cafe close, but both restaurants appear poised for a comeback in one way or another

Feedel Bistro
Beth McKibben is the editor and staff reporter for Eater Atlanta and has been covering food and cocktails locally and regionally for over 12 years.

Ethiopian and Eritrean restaurant Feedel Bistro on Briarcliff Road and the Sandy Springs location of Asheville-based Southern food chain Tupelo Honey Cafe are now closed. However, it seems both restaurants are poised for a comeback in one way or another.

Feedel Bistro owners and siblings Tamar Telahun and Simon Gebru announced the closure of their restaurant on social media just prior to the Memorial Day weekend. Its last day serving traditional Ethiopian and Eritrean fare was Saturday, May 27. The closure announcement indicates Talahun and Gebru may be up to some “new culinary endeavors” and asks patrons to “stay tuned”. It’s unclear what the siblings are planning, but it appears they will remain in the Briarcliff Road space.

The restaurant, which opened in 2018, was known for its congenial atmosphere where Talahun and Gebru offered vegan, vegetarian, and pescatarian dishes such as mushroom and chickpea tibs, tofu sagla spris, sambusas stuffed with lentils, diced tomatoes, onions, and jalapenos, and a whole branzino served with red or brown lentils or yellow split peas.

Eater reached out to Talahun and Gebru for more information on the decision to close Feedel Bistro and their future restaurant plans.

Tupelo Honey Cafe closed following dinner service Monday, May 22, after seven years at the Chastain Market complex (formerly Gateway Chastain) on Roswell Road, Tomorrow’s News Today first reported. According to the restaurant’s website, Tupelo Honey is relocating more than 50 miles north to Gainesville, Georgia, where it will reopen some time next year.

A representative speaking on behalf of Tupelo Honey says all of the Sandy Springs employees were offered “relocation opportunities.” The company is currently working with the new landlord in Gainesville on its relocation details, which should be available “in a few days.” The representative declined to comment on why the Sandy Springs location of Tupelo Honey closed or what prompted the move to Gainesville.

Tupelo Honey is known for Southern comfort foods like fried green tomatoes, bourbon-peppercorn glazed meatloaf, shrimp and grits, and pimento cheese grilled cheese. As with the food, cocktails at Tupelo Honey often come with Southern twists, including a sangria made with peach and pineapple juices and honey liqueur and a vodka collins mixed with blueberry hibiscus simple syrup.

Tupelo Honey Cafe

4600 Roswell Rd, , GA 30342 (404) 649-6334 Visit Website

Feedel Bistro

3125 Briarcliff Road Northeast, , GA 30329 (404) 963-2905 Visit Website