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Which Atlanta Restaurants Should Land Spots on the Michelin Guide?

Let your voice be heard and tell Eater your Michelin guide restaurant predictions

The 15-seat sushi bar provides an intimate setting for an elaborate omakase meal by chef J. Trent Harris at Mujo in Atlanta, GA.
Omakase restaurant Mujo on Howell Mill Road.
Ryan Fleisher
Beth McKibben is the editor and staff reporter for Eater Atlanta and has been covering food and cocktails locally and regionally for 12 years.

In case you missed the news, Atlanta is getting a Michelin guide. Dining inspectors are already amongst us rating Atlanta and metro Atlanta restaurants. Establishments deemed worthy of a spot on the lauded Michelin dining guide will be announced this fall.

Restaurants under consideration for a Michelin star rating are inspected multiple times a year and must consistently meet five key criteria to earn the designation. Michelin also grants restaurants with “best value for money” Bib Gourmand status. Restaurants with excellent sustainable and environmentally friendly practices are awarded a Michelin Green Star. Other restaurants with exceptional wine, sake, and beer lists are often recognized with a grape, sake bottle, or beer pint symbol from Michelin or simply receive a mention in the guide for being a notable dining destination in a city.

Now the guessing game begins as to which restaurants will be chosen for the guide and what designation each will receive from Michelin, which could be anything from a coveted star rating to Bib Gourmand designation, or even a mere mention in the guide. Atlantans have strong opinions and are already offering their predictions.

Eater wants to know what readers think. Give us your restaurant picks for the Atlanta Michelin guide and we’ll share those thoughts during the week of July 17, along with a few predictions from local chefs and industry insiders.