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Eater Atlanta Is Looking for an Editor. Is It You?

The site is looking for a new leader

Eater is looking for a full-time reporter and editor to oversee Eater Atlanta to replace Beth McKibben, our longtime editor who has moved on to new adventures.

The person in this role will have a strong sense of the culture and communities of the city. They will be eager to be on the ground, telling the stories of the people who make the Atlanta dining scene interesting and unforgettable. This editor will care equally about new businesses and those that have demonstrated longevity and resilience across decades.

The Eater Atlanta editor will guide day-to-day coverage of the site and its overall sensibility, including its mix of news stories, service-focused maps and guides, and reports. The editor is responsible for audience growth and engagement, as well as telling stories that have impact and relevance in the community. The role also includes assigning, editing, and packaging freelance pieces; taking ownership of high-touch service maps like the Eater 38; and scheduling and strategizing for social media and the daily Eater Atlanta newsletter.

This is a full-time, Vox Media Union position, represented by the Writers Guild of America, East, with benefits. If all of this sounds exciting, head over to this Vox Media job posting for more information, and follow the instructions, including providing a cover letter and a resume.