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Restaurant Owner Benedicte Ulsas Cooper Is Decatur’s Ambassador of Alsatian Cuisine

Cafe Alsace in the heart of Decatur pays homage to this unique region of France, while also being one of the city’s most charming dining gems

Meet Atlanta’s Most Iconic Restaurant and Brewery Animals

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18 Atlanta Spots Serving Anything-But-Boring Nonalcoholic Cocktails 

Is Atlanta Ready for a Zero-Proof Cocktail Bar?

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The Fight to Unionize Georgia’s Hospitality Industry Is Underway

Unions became a lifeline for hospitality workers forced to choose between a paycheck and their own health during the pandemic. But in right-to-work states like Georgia, advocating for workers’ rights means navigating the state’s tricky labor laws which too often favor big business

Atlanta Sommeliers Express Concern Over the Trump Administration’s Proposed European Wine Tariffs

Why Watchman’s Owner Miles Macquarrie Is Back Behind the Bar

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Kimball House Partner Miles Macquarrie Helps Launch a Line of Canned Cocktails

Poncey-Highland Restaurant and Cocktail Bar Southern Belle Includes a Secret Chefs Counter

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How to Spend a Day Food Crawling Down Cheshire Bridge Road

From market tacos and classic red sauce pastas to dessert and dancing on tables at a Greek restaurant